Re: UTLX Class X Tank Car Build

Tim O'Connor

Excellent work !


On 7/15/2022 6:40 PM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

I finished the build on RCW 7.02 UTLX Class X 6,000 gallon tank car this afternoon. It’s the last resin kit in my stash, so it’s a milestone of sorts. When I purposed to build the stash, there were 48 kits, and it took a little over two years to build them.


This kit was a challenge, because as I reported in earlier posts on the resincarbuilders io group. The bottom tank course was too high as a result of using an Intermountain bottom course as the master. This pushed up the running boards and handrails. I determined to build the kit as close to prototype as I could, using prototype drawings provided by Steve Hile. The details for lowering the running board and handrail are in the earlier posts. I used Archer rivets to restore the bottom course line, and to repair the vertical rivets sanded off while filling the cast drilling dimples of the running board. The tank detail photos posted herein show the extent of the tank error, as the original course line is visible under the running board detail photos. The B end right side sill step had a casting flaw where the grab iron rung was open. I cut off the remanent, and glued a piece of 0.0125 in . wire to replace the missing rung.


The B end uncoupling lever got flipped up while I was staging the car for photography, and I’ll move it back down and glue it in place before blasting and priming.


I saved the five tank cars for last, and I’m glad I did, because they were the most difficult of all the resin kits I’ve built.  I attached a photo of those last five cars.


I very rarely cross post, but I decided to share this last resin build with a larger audience. I included my build notes for those of you who have this car in your stash.


Nelson Moyer

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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