Re: UTLX Class X Tank Car Build

Jim Betz


  First - Nelson this is a good looking build.  (The following is -not- a criticism.)

  The variety of Nelson's build prompts me to ask "how similar would the dome plus
the equipment on it be ... for cars in the same service?".  Certainly a three dome
tank would be unlikely to be delivered to the same location as a one.  But would
the variety of domes and hardware on them be likely/possible to be together on a
single loading facility (at a refinery, for example)?

  There is a refinery near me that 'ships' out product in both tank cars and pipeline.
I drove past the refinery just yesterday - and the cars waiting to be loaded and/or
picked up by the next outbound move were -highly- similar to each other.  There
were a few different reporting marks but even those were 'mostly the same'.
  Is this a modern thing or does it also describe "our era here on STMFC"?

                                                                            - Jim in the PNW

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