UP 40' Double door automobile car

Andy Carlson

This car is the Mckeen Models 40' DD box car. Diagonal panel roof, "banana taper" Dreadnaught end and twin 6' IYSD with a door post centered between the L & R doors. Those ends indicate at least a 1955 build date. This car has been discussed many times to this group. To me, it seems close to a 1955 built Great Northern car though the side sill is wrong and the roof should be an overhanging eave design.

Inline image

Inline image

GN 3975, one of 500 in the series of 3500-3999, all built in 1955.
-Andy Carlson

From: On Behalf Of Tim O'Connor
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] UP 40' Double door automobile car


Is that the Accurail model ? It's very similar to many prototypes but I don't think there is any
exact match for the sides + door opening + ends + roof.

Definitely not a UP A-50-16.

On 7/16/2022 12:44 PM, Jim Pattison wrote:

I picked up a couple of these cars a long time ago.  Now I am wondering are they even close to being accurate?


Jim Pattison



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