Re: Some Thoughts On Resin Kit Stashes

Chris Barkan

Thanks Charlie for posting Steve Hile's 2018 presentation "Resin Freight Car Kits, Past, Present and Future" from the 2018 Chicagoland RPM.  I had not seen that previously. It is interesting and useful for understanding how we got where we are today.  There were a number of conversations at the NERPM meet last month in Springfield, MA about how 3D printing opens up whole new vistas for the hobby so it is interesting to me that that topic is shown on the last slide of Steve's presentation under "Issues".  Can anyone comment on what the down side of 3D printing is vis-a-vis prototype model kit production?  That technology would seem to add a tool to our collective toolbox by offering a means of generating masters for certain resin casting components and replacing others.


Charlie Duckworth Jul 15   #193969
This PP by Steve Hile says Martin did 100 base kits and 1,250 variations.
Chris Barkan
Deerfield, MA

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