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Benjamin Frank Hom <b.hom@...>

Some more cars identified from Pierre Oliver's list:


DL&W 50256
Actually a Pratt Truss stock car with braced ends and wood roof (DL&W
50250-50299, Keyser Valley, April 1927, c.f. DL&W 1952 Equipment Diagram
Book). Train-Miniature/Walthers stock car kitbash base (new roof and

D&H 22948
36 ft DS boxcar, built 1906-1907, rebuilt during 1920s with Burnett/ Z-bar
reinforced ends, or Hutchins ends (I don't have a specific breakdown of
which cars got what end)
Funaro & Camerlengo 3400-3406

NYC 148071
Lot 536-B, USRA-design steel 1 1/2-door auto boxcar
Westerfield 3001

SL-SF 163637
1937 AAR boxcar, 9 ft 11.5 in IH, 4/5 ends, Duryea cushion underframe
Kit - need photo to determine if square or W-section corner post (I made the
call based from an equipment diagram book)

NYC 199013
Lot 530-B, USRA-design steel boxcar
Westerfield 2901

ATSF 149341
Class Bx-36, USRA DS boxcar steel rebuild
Sunshine 9.6 (out of production), Athearn or Intermountain kitbash (new
ends, underframe, side sills)

SL-SF 148660
Frisco Howe truss SS boxcar - see Ted Culotta's article in the April 2003
Sunshine 39.1

UP 196442
Class B-50-38, postwar AAR boxcar, 6 ft door, rectangular panel roof, 4/4
early IDE
Branchline 1434 (if you can live without the ACR)

Ben Hom

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