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I should have done this before:

both show "THE BRIDGE LINE . . . " and 19360 is taken in 1967. 20150 is
undated. But

is dated 1967, and

is dated 1966, so it's possible that these cars never saw the
"SESQUICENTENNIAL" version. Unfortunately, no original scheme image is on
George's site.


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Bud Rindfleisch asked about:

Set # 63 D&H round herald...was this scheme used
before the shield herald?
Bud, I can't tell you exactly the whole answer, but I can tell you to be
careful here. As Don said, the simple answer is yes, but exactly when do
you want to be modeling?

The D&H PS-1s originally had no circle herald , but had a "The D&H" script
logo in the upper left corner of the car. Kadee decorated their model of
18570 this way, blt date 10-50. An image of this is probably on line
somewhere. Later, they had the circle herald, but the lettering in the
circle was changed at some point. In one version it was "THE BRIDGE LINE
NEW ENGLAND AND CANADA." "AND" might have been "&." Later it read
something about "SESQUICENTENNIAL" (however that's spelled . . . ). I
recall the exact wording, nor exactly when it was changed, but I think
wasn't until the late 60's/early 70's.

At least for a long time, "THE BRIDGE LINE . . . " was hard to find in HO.

I hope this is helpful.


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