Re: McKean-Accurail box car (was UP 40' Double door automobile car)

Tim O'Connor

Yep. As Andy says we've discussed the McKean (now Accurail) car many times. The easiest one to model
closely (without major mods to the roof) is the 3000-3499 series.

This Jim Parker shot is one of my favorites for the series, freshly painted bright red, and in perfect N scale
perspective (as it would appear on a layout). And the Muncie & Western "Ball Line" car too!

Oh, and that Western Maryland 2 bay hopper will be forthcoming in 3-D printed resin from the same person
who makes 3-D printed Chrysler and Scullin and other trucks and items -- Adam Chilcote. :-)

Tim O'Connor

On 7/16/2022 4:44 PM, Richard Remiarz wrote:

The model is a combination of two prototype cars.  The roof, ends, and side sill match the GN 3000-3499 series built in 1955, while the sides, ends, and doors match the 3500-3999 series built in 1956.  To correctly model the 3500-3599 series the roof needs to be changed to an overhanging diagonal panel roof and the side sills modified.  The 3000-3499 series had a 15’ door opening with a 7’ and 8’ door and different rivet pattern on the sides.


There will be an article on kit-bashing the 3000-3499 series cars by Ted Fandel in an upcoming issue of the GNRHS Modelers’ Pages.  Being the editor for the Modelers’ Pages I get to see the articles ahead of time, and am in the process of building one of these cars myself.  I just finished the master of the left hand door yesterday.  The door is pieced together from three pieces from two different Kadee 7’ Youngstown doors.  The door on the right is a Kadee 8’ door.  Joe Binish will make a mold of the door next week.  I need to build several of these cars for my layout so additional doors will be cast.


I am also working on one of the 3500 series cars.  I shortened a Branchline 50’ overhanging diagonal panel roof and cut down the side sills.  I am currently detailing the underframe.



Rich Remiarz

Vadnais Heights, MN




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From: Andy Carlson
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Subject: [RealSTMFC] UP 40' Double door automobile car


This car is the Mckeen Models 40' DD box car. Diagonal panel roof, "banana taper" Dreadnaught end and twin 6' IYSD with a door post centered between the L & R doors. Those ends indicate at least a 1955 build date. This car has been discussed many times to this group. To me, it seems close to a 1955 built Great Northern car though the side sill is wrong and the roof should be an overhanging eave design.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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