Re: Bangor & Aroostook Refrigerator Car BAR 2447

Tim O'Connor

Drew & Chris, the cars you are talking about were not ice reefers, but are insulated box cars. They
were indeed first available as resin kits in HO scale from the New Haven association, and later were
offered (and probably still are) by Funaro & Camerlengo. These were the MAGOR cars built in
1950=1951 for both BAR and NH -- the NH cars were ordered with BAR paint because it was
actually CHEAPER to do that than to have them painted in a special New Haven scheme. (Or so I
was told by the NH guys.) PC&F later built more insulated box cars for the BAR (but not for the
New Haven) in 1953.

Eastern Seaboard Models imported an N scale model of the car RTR from China (I have one, a gift
for help with the project). If they do it in HO, that'll be cool.

Tim O'Connor


Wasn't this car offered as a kit by F&C years ago?
Drew Marshall in humid South Jersey

On 7/17/2022 7:29 AM, Chris Barkan wrote:


Yes, it may have originated as a New Haven Railroad Historical & Technical Association special run kit, and then entered the F&C line of regular products.   See attached photos of one of these that just happens to be for sale on EBay right now. 

Eastern Seaboard Models has announced that they are producing these cars as a high-quality injection molded plastic model.  My understanding is that they are expected this fall.
Chris Barkan
Deerfield, MA


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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