Re: McKean-Accurail box car (was UP 40' Double door automobile car)

Tim O'Connor


Yet ANOTHER way is to use the much improved Front Range 4070 box car kits from Red Caboose,
kit # RC-8700. These have vastly improved roofs, doors, underframes, ladders, you name it. The tooling is
now owned by Intermountain, but I don't know if they still offer these fine box car models. :-)

On 7/17/2022 1:27 PM, Richard Remiarz wrote:

Another way of building the 3000-3499 series is using the Front Range 4070 boxcar kits.  These also had an 8’ door, resulting in narrower panels.  As Andy said, putting an 8’ and 7’ door on the McKean/Accurail car results in narrow side panels on either side of the doors.


Rich Remiarz

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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