Re: Milwaukee Road Automobile Box Car CMSTP&P 594446

Kenneth Montero


Thank you.

Dear Colleagues,

Please note that the ladders on the side of the car have mounting brackets only at the top and the bottom of the side, while the end ladders are mounted at the point where the ends of the ladder meet an end's corrugations (not at the very top and bottom of theĀ  end ladder. I have been guilty of other placements of the mounting brackets, and probably not the only person doing so, so I thought that this was a modeling feature that others may have missed.

Ken Montero

On 07/17/2022 3:30 PM Richard Wilkens <railsnw123@...> wrote:

Milwaukee Road Automobile Box Car CMSTP&P 594446, built by Pacific Car & Foundry August 1929. Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive Collection.

Rich Wilkens

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