Re: Bangor & Aroostook Refrigerator Car BAR 2447

Tim O'Connor


The artwork you sent shows two PC&F cars. Easily recognized by the roof overhang on the ends!
Your photo shows two New Haven PC&F cars.

Bryan also did OKEX models in his N scale PC&F model, but every prototype OKEX car I've seen
is one of the MAGOR cars with a flush roof.

What CONFUSED me was looking at old emails with Bryan and he said the OKEX cars were the
PC&F cars so that led me to think the PC&F cars had the flush roofs. I was all turned around! :-)


On 7/17/2022 2:52 PM, Chris Barkan wrote:

I too was confused about exactly what they are doing (although I think I understood back in January when I placed my order).  It appears that they are indeed doing both Magor and PC&F versions with the differing roofs.  The BAR cars (ESM 4001 series) are the Magor cars and the NH cars (ESM 4003 series) are the PC&F.  Look carefully at the two attached renderings.  As you say, there are additional paint scheme opportunities; the NH cars later lost their charcoal heaters to become plain insulated boxcars (AAR XI or IX, NH stenciled them both ways!) See attached photo by Ron DeFilippo of NH 45023 & NH 45050 in a B&M train in 1968.
Chris Barkan
Deerfield, MA


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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