Branchline NWX Reefer

Bob Chapman

First, a shout-out to Charlie Duckworth for his recent post and fine modeling of the BL NWX reefer. With a stash totally bare of unbuilt resin kits and a layout already overpopulated with red boxcars, Charlie's model was perfect inspiration for a next project, and his off-line tips were a big help in making the project happen.

BL's styrene kit is an excellent representation of the NWX prototype, and the model was built mostly following the kit instructions, with a few exceptions. Wire hardware replaced the molded parts, and an AB brake system replaced the Type K. 

I learned that painting and lettering in the NWX scheme is not for the faint-hearted -- lots of color separations, and the outstanding Oddballs decals are among the thinnest I have ever experienced.    

Thanks, Charlie!
Bob Chapman

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