Re: PFE Decal Confusion

Storey Lindsay


I have a set of SHS-190 open before me. Black lettering covers 1936-1960,
but UP medallions are 45" black & white with a white border.

Champ HO Decal sets for other era UP medallions are: HH-29 45" black & white
with no white border; HH-19 42" white, red & blue with "Overland" through
the shield (1936-1942); HH-90 42" white, red & blue without "Overland"
(1942-1946); HH-20 45" white, red & blue (1946-1950); and HH-39 45" black &
white with white border. Photos will help determine whether a particular car
had the white border on the UP medallions.

HR-61 (also open before me) is for 1960-1967 lettering schemes and contains
the 1960 "circle and bar" SP medallions and the 1961 "center Gothic SP"
medallions. It does not contain the outlined initial letters "PFE"
introduced in 1968.

I hope this helps.

Storey Lindsay
Celje, Slovenia

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Shawn asks:
I'm in need of PFE decals to do Intermountain's R-40-23
reefer kits. Awhile back someone mentioned that Champ's
SHS-190 set was the way to go for this, but in checking
the Champ site this morning I see there is also an HR-61
set for "Orange Car, UP-SP All Black Lettering". If the
SHS-190 set is the "main" PFE set, what does HR-61 do?

Also, Champ lists the SHS-190 set as for "Express Reefer".
I don't have any express cars, but I'm acquiring quite a
lot of plain vanilla R-40-23's.

Is the SHS-190 still the right set for my needs?
IIRC, the SHS-190 is the "Blue Ribbon set" and pretty much the set to get
to letter any PFE reefer up to 1960 or so. If you need color UP
medallions, I think you need to order them seperately (at least I did).

Happy Rails

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