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Thank you. Since it was mounted on around post, I did not know if it had a mechanism that rotated the post, as would be the case if a brake wheel was attached.

Ken Montero

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That a lever handbrake, and it works just like every other lever handbrake. Lift up the lever, push or pull to tighten the attached brake chain. A ratchet mechanism allows the tension to be maintained, and to cycle the lever action.

Bruce Smith
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Can anyone describe the "brake wheel" mechanism on GPCX 259? How did it work?

Ken Montero

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Besides building new freight cars Pacific Car & Foundry also rebuilt numerous cars. In 1927 they cleaned and painted 5 tank cars for General Petroleum in Seattle. Here are photos of GPCX 203 and 259. Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive Collection.

Richard Wilkens

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