Re: UTLX Class X Tank Car Build

Tim O'Connor

Early in the war solid trainloads of CRUDE oil plus large blocks had to be moved to
east coast refineries (spread from Chesapeake Bay up to North Jersey) by rail until a huge
new pipeline "Big Inch" I think was completed in 1941 or 1942... It was practical because
large numbers of unemployed tank cars already existed.

When oil was first discovered in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana there were NO pipelines.
Tens of thousands of tank cars - plain old single dome 10k 8k 12k - were needed to move the
crude and the finished products.

As pipelines were built out, tank cars were eventually in excess supply for petroleum products
for many years. Many of the available cars we have in HO scale represent cars built in small
numbers - I mean, there must be 15 models of acid tank cars, but how many have you seen in

So of course I hope the Rapido X-3 is a success, because that's one car everyone needs! :-)

On 7/18/2022 10:35 AM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

I thought oil trains ran primarily during WWII due to the danger to tankers from U-boats.

Blocks of like cars, yes, but unit trains after the war?

Nelson Moyer

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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