Re: UTLX Class X Tank Car Build


Not to divert from the current discussion, but I can offer a bit more information about the car being tracked in the blog post, or rather its origin.

The point called "Atreco, Texas" is actually the yard serving the refinery that was called at the time "Atlantic Refining".  Its owner at the time was the company that later became Arco, but this particular refinery property later became Fina.  "American Petrofina" was a subsidiary of what was the largest oil company in Belgium, later bought by Total, which was and is the largest oil company in France.  Today the refinery still exists, and in fact is the one some of us wrote about a few years ago concerning the wooden pipe (buried water pipe) from 1918.

The plant is directly north of Port Arthur and directly east of Port Neches, so the mentioned car's routing would have probably been a few miles northwest on the KCS to the most likely ATSF (GC&SF) interchange on the west side of Beaumont, then north and west.  That KCS trackage today carries large numbers of tank and covered hopper cars from the plants located all along it.

Ron Merrick

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