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Richard Remiarz

Just over five weeks ago I posted a question about what color to paint a Texas & Pacific boxcar.  A number of you sent me color photos of the cars and additional information.  I was finishing a model of a 1937 T&P AAR boxcar.  These cars were built with Youngstown doors equipped with Union Duplex fixtures.  I had purchased a National Scale Car Union Duplex mini-kit to use on this car.  


After receiving all of the photos I realized that the cars were rebuilt in the 1950’s, with the doors being replaces with welded Superior doors (but no Union Duplex fixtures).  The side sills were extended on the right side of the door.  Also, steel running boards and brake steps were added.  I don’t know if all of the cars were rebuilt, but every photo I saw of the cars in the 1950s had these changes.  The result is I had to rework some of my model.  I have finally finished my model of the car. 


I decided to model #40380 since the side sill was lengthened a shorter distance on this car.  I shortened a Southwest Scale Models FC-650 door.  I added Proto 2000 National B-1 trucks with Intermountain 0.088" wheelsets and Kadee 442 brake pads.  I mounted the brake reservoir transversely and used a Detail Associates brake set reservoir and brake cylinder.  I used Yarmouth Model Works YMW 201 sill steps, YMW 403 brake levers, and YMW 507 Cut Lever Brackets.  Kadee 2250 Side Grab Irons, a Kadee 131 Ajax Brake Wheel, and Kadee 2001 ApeX 40' Running Board were used along with a Plano 131 Apex brake platform.   Other detail parts included Tichy 3021 18" straight grab irons, Tangent TSM 203 Coupler Lift Bars, and Hi-Tech Details 6040 air hoses and brackets.  I used the decals from the National Scale Car mini-kit.  The door and fixtures in the mini-kit will be used on a Southern Pacific boxcar instead.  I used a 50:50 mixture of Accupaint AP-12 Oxide Brown and TruColor TCP-192 ACL 1944-60s Freight Car Brown for the sides and the roof.  The underframe and ends were painted with TruColor TCP-010 Black.  Pan Pastels were used to weather the car, then Speedwitch chalk marks were added.


Thank you to everyone that provided information on these cars.



Rich Remiarz


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