D&H PS-1 lettering help

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Bud from the Kadee website, pictures of all their HO D&H cars
http://www.kadee.com/ca/4056l.htm Car Built 1952 in orig paint
http://www.kadee.com/ca/5248l.htm Car built 1956 (Has 8' door, I realize said 6' doors, but Iwanted toshow the variation in paint schemes)
http://www.kadee.com/ca/4004l.htm Car built 1951, repainted 1957
http://www.kadee.com/ca/dh1l.htm Car Built 1950morig paint.

I believe the large shield came in the early 1960's. I have a photo of a 1952 built car in original paint if you want to stop over sometime. It's from the Railmodel Journal Freight car Models Vol II.

While looking up this information I found a hybrid I didn't know existed. From the Sept 1989 issue of railmodel Journal or page 70 of the above mentioned book, there is a picture of a AAR 10'-4" car with the script D&H in the left corner and the bridge line hearld in the right corner. Anyone have any idea how many cars received this scheme?

Brian J carlson
Cheektowaga NY

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