Re: UTLX Class X Tank Car Build

Clarence Zink

So, what are you modeling?  That is what makes the difference.  Local petroleum dealers only took a couple of tank cars at a time. Refineries and tank farms took dozens, if not hundreds, of tank cars at a whack.

Yes, individual oil companies had several different types/classes of tank cars at once, evidently commonly combined in trains.  Photos show that.  Big deal.  Model that!

If you are modeling a downstate Illinois local oil dealer of the '40's, you're only gonna use at most, 4 tank cars, probably fewer.

Or, maybe, as a few folks do, the Green River UP yard.  Blocks of Sinclair and other tank cars moved through there on their way west, north, and south.

Any specific refinery had huge amounts of tank cars, bringing in crude, hauling off gasoline and other fuels.  Many refineries received crude from both pipelines and rail shipments, and put out product in the same ways.

Those folks modeling Sherman Hill, or Tehachapi, certainly had blocks of tank cars traversing the rails.  

Unfortunately, I believe the collective "we" tend to be very myopic in what we model, because "we" have a specific vision in our mind.  Mine is the Rock Springs platform in the mid 1960's watching the DD35's pulling a hundred tank cars west.

Go to the Library of Congress Office of War Information website, and do a search for "Tank car".  You will get 143 photos of tank cars, taken by Gov't hired contract photographers during the WWII era: .  Or any other large digital collection.  There are hundreds out there waiting to be pillaged for our personal research.

Don't fall down the 'rabbit hole' too far!


And just for something nuts:

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