Re: Northern Pacific Automobile Box Car NP 8029

Dave Parker

Just a reminder that the MCB/ARA/AAR specifications for lumber siding were quite specific (and consistent from the teens [at least] to the end of composite car construction): 

-  single-sheathed cars got square-edged T&G siding, 6 inches overall width, with 5.25" exposed
-  double-sheathed cars got V-grooved T&G siding with a 3.25" exposure OR 5.25" with a V-groove (not a bead) down the center of the plank.

The reasons for this are obvious if you are trying to optimize the siding's ability to direct water way from the car's interior.

The "tightness" of the joints on the SS cars was quite variable, even in builder's photos, and I believe has been discussed here before.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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