Re: Northern Pacific Automobile Box Car NP 8029

Dennis Storzek <dennis@...>

On Mon, Jul 18, 2022 at 05:45 PM, Bruce Smith wrote:
...what I see is a flat board, a slight reveal, and a flat board. That to me is tongue and groove with some slight variation in the milling of the board, or the tongue/groove, providing minor variability in the alignment of the boards.

I concur. Square edge boards rarely lay up perfectly even, which is the whole reason for the beveled corners that make a visible V, or other decorative bead. The 3/4 view has really strong highlights; and these minute edges are showing all out of proportion to their size. One of the reasons that model manufacturers tend to exaggerate this feature; with our flat layout lighting this feature would simply disappear.

Dennis Storzek

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