Re: WWII oil transport

George Eichelberger

John and everyone:

I do not have a neat “package” that includes all of the ODT bulletins in the SRHA archives but I will work on putting one together. (Please remind me after Collinsville!)

Until then, to keep from being put in “bandwidth jail” I have uploaded "ODT Order No. 1” of March 23, 1942 (five pages) and “Amendment No. 1 to General Order O.D.T. No. 1” dated April 30, 1942 (two pages) to Google Drive. The link that should work for everyone is:

Some orders were proceeded by requests for comments or information, others were simply issued. All were subject to amendments and cancellations. Almost every order in the SRHA archives is accompanied by letters and telegrams between Southern and the ODT or internal memos where the railroad was discussing how it would implement or respond to each.

ODT orders were in fact “orders”, some were quite sweeping; instructions to halt specific under utilized passenger services and limiting Pullmans to distances over 450 miles are two examples. (The order to halt passenger trains was not subject to State approval and was immediate. When that order was lifted at the end of WWII, and public interest in passenger trains was waining, several State PUCs told the Southern the trains had to be reinstated because they did not approve their discontinuance. The processes and techniques the Southern used to “kill” those trains became the model for many post war passenger train-off petitions.)


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