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Steve and Barb Hile

What a cool picture, Tim.  Thanks for sharing.


A couple of interesting things to note, even though car numbers are not legible.



The arrows point to a pair of the 6500 gallon Type X cars that Nelson Moyer has shared his challenge and ultimate triumph building the RCW kit.  Immediately adjacent to the nearer X are a 10000 gallon and 6500 gallon car next to one another.  The next car to the right is another Type X, probably 8K gallons.


As Bruce has pointed out, these may well be empties waiting in the yard for their turn at the loading platforms.


Steve Hile


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Someone mentioned Sinclair on the UP in Wyoming. This is CNW's yard serving Standard Oil
in Casper Wyoming. These would almost all be UTLX cars. Possibly many of these can be modeled
in HO from resin kits. It's from 1948 according to the archive -- appears that there was once a
need for a larger yard than it needed in 1948. Or maybe it's seasonal?

On 7/18/2022 3:02 PM, Tom Madden via wrote:

The Ralph Hallock photo collection at the Colorado Railroad Museum contains quite a few photos of wartime oil trains. Two examples attached. Most were taken in 1943 (date not further defined) on either the CNJ/LV/RDG/B&O main line in north central NJ, or on the B&A in Chatham NY. All appear to be of westbound empties. There is also one taken on the B&O at Harpers Ferry WV behind an EM-1 in June 1944. Not a lot of uniformity to the tank cars, except for color.

Tom Madden


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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