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Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

As you can see from Mont's post coal storage varied also. I have an aerial photo
of a town 30 mi. NE of here with the concrete coal bunkers Mont described. My
Grandparent's lived next to a coal dealer in Marshalltown IA. He used a elevator
similar to a farm elevator to unload hoppers onto piles of different grades of coal.

The easiest ways to describe the sheds (shed's have a sloped roof not a peaked
one) is to say: Take a Velveeta cheese box, put sliding doors on each long side,
then lift up one long side!
Here are some gons with coal loads from the M&StL Landmesser 'hot box' list.

L&N 51632 46 CYC pg 233 50000-59999 GA Coal, Go 7/1/49 19 coal Middle Grove 20"
set out
L&N 58706 46 CYC pg 233 50000-59999 GA Coal, Go 8/15/50 19 coal Rogers 20" set
L&N 72215 72000-72999 GA Coal, Go 7/11/48 9 coal Brighton -
L&N 72215 72000-72999 GA Coal, Go 7/10/48 95 coal Morning Sun -
B&O 251484 250500-256499 GB Gon, Stl O-27A 1922 Cambria USRA Mil 6/26/50 95 coal
Palmer - set out
C&NW 70713 46 CYC pg 216 70501-71999 GB Gon,Stl 5/30/48 19 coal Waseca -
NYC 707657 707500-707999 GB Stl,Drop 377-G 1919 PSCC 11/22/48 19 coal Montgomery
20" 1954 Equip Diagr Book G-3
PRR 343090 46 CYC pg 228 342600-344499 GB Stl,Drop G28 Klasing 7/24/50 19 coal
Helena - set out
CB&Q 167673 165000-167999 GS Composit 7/12/48 895 coal Tracy -
CB&Q 81406 81000-81499 GS Steel 2/18/49 X East coal Gifford 1' repacked
IC 83308 82720-83992 GS Composit 7/29/48 95 coal Abingdon -
M&StL 30363 30001-30499 GS 16 Drop GATC 3/2/49 95 coal Morning Sun 15" set out
M&StL 30393 30001-30499 GS 16 Drop GATC 5/6/49 95 coal Seaton 15" set out
RI 187918 46 CYC pg 243 187000-188999 GS Coal,Dum 5/8/49 95 coal Brighton 15"
set out
Clark Propst

John Boren wrote:

Most rural locations had no way to unload hoppers. The gondola
loaded with coal was shoveled into sheds. These sheds had sliding doors
The bottoms of the doors were well above track height. There were doors on the
back of the sheds at ground level for loading trucks. The shed had several
with separate doors for different grades of coal.

I'm having trouble visualizing what this looked like. For example, did the
sheds have roofs? Do you know of any web sites or magazine articles which
have a photo of these coal sheds? Or has anyone made a kit of this kind of
shed? I'm modeling small Kansas towns and need to include these sheds along
with many of the grain elevators.


Jack Boren

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