Re: Northern Pacific Automobile Box Car NP 8029

Tim O'Connor

Yes, you have it right about the beaded siding.

By "V" groove are you talking about beveled edges of the boards so that when they are
joined together there is a shallow gap between them?

Because, yeah, the drawing does not show it, because it was never a style that would be
used on horizontal wood sheathing, which was tight fitting and shed water. Any gaps would
fill with dirt and collect moisture. A large number of models have unrealistic wood sides that
exaggerate the boards.

Attached a photo of what new horizontal sheathing usually looks like.

On 7/18/2022 5:28 PM, Robert kirkham wrote:

I'm not sure if it is beaded siding or something else.  Describing what I see in the builders photo, I'd say the appearance is something like the vertical siding with the milled centre groove used on some reefers.  (Is that the kind of beaded siding you're referring to Tim?). In any event, the drawing and the in-service photo don't show these characteristics.  Changed siding over time wouldn't surprise anyone, but the drawing throws that notion into question.  Meanwhile, closer scrutiny of the car side lettering in the 3/4 angle shot does not have subtle dips and jogs as one might expect with a "v" groove pattern. 


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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