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Jeff English

Briefly, NYC's USRA-design all-steel box car production spanned a
decade, over which much changed.

There were four inside heights, for which I have adopted the
following terminology:

"Trial" 9'2" IH, 1500 single-door and 250 4+6-door, 1920=21

"Standard" 8'7" IH ( Westerfield ), 16,950 single-door and 4,000 4+6-
door, from 1922 to 1928 ( with gaps )

"Medium" 9'4" IH, 2,000 single-door and 3,000 4+6-door, 1924 to 1929
( with gaps )

"Tall" 10'0" IH, 5,000 double-door cars, some 4+6, others 6+6, all
with end doors, 1926, 1928=1930.

Later cars were built with Youngstown doors and Dreadnaught ends.

Grand total production 32,700 cars.

10'6" IH were rebuilds that came later, as I alluded in my previous
message. The tally of rebuildings is more complicated than the
original production.

Jeff English
Tryo, New York

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Some more cars identified from Pierre Oliver's list:


NYC 148071
Lot 536-B, USRA-design steel 1 1/2-door auto boxcar
Westerfield 3001
Sorry, Ben, but this car would not be accurately represented by
Westerfield kit, which represents the "low" USRA-design cars at
IH. The number series NYC 147000 - 149999 consisted of a random
of cars from Lots 493-B, 494-B and 536-B, all of which
were "medium"
height at 9'4" IH. The only possibly accurate models of these
I know of in any scale are the O-scale brass models imported
years ago; I've never seen one so I can't comment on their


NYC 199013
Lot 530-B, USRA-design steel boxcar
Westerfield 2901
Again, not accurately represented by the Westerfield kit. These
were "tall" USRA-design cars. The series NYC 197000 - 199999
consisted of the following:

Lot 590-B, NYC 197000 - 197999
Lot 594-B, NYC 198000 - 198999
Lot 610-B, NYC 199000 - 199999

All of these were built 1929 - 1930, with 10'0" IH, 12-foot door
openings and end doors. Some cars had IH increased to 10'6" by
applying an extension to the eave; these were assigned Lot 686-B
without renumbering from the series NYC 197000 - 199999.

So if I understand you correctly, Jeff, it appears that the
height of
this style of car on the NYC varied all over the pace from 8 ft. 7
in to
9 ft. 4 in., 10 ft. 0 in. or even 10 ft. 6 in. depending on when
built. I had not noticed this so it is good to know for cars so
found on New England roads. Presumably the Westerfield kits are
for only the 8 ft. 7 in. versions then, but the question now comes
to mind
as to whether or not any of the door and one half cars were
constructed to
the 8 ft. 7 in. height. Can you respond to that question please?

Maybe we can clear this up before anyone else gets out of bed
this morning!

Thanks, Don Valentine

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