Looking For Westerfield Flat Kit Version USRA Double Sheath Boxcar Kits

S. Busch

Hello - -


The recent discussion about resin kit stashes prompts me to enquire,


I am wondering where I might obtain an unbuilt “Flat Kit” version of Westerfield’s (present number) 3800 series USRA Double Sheath “as built” boxcar kit? 


My plan is to use these with some 3D printed special ends to come up with a Pere Marquette 8500 series car.  I have the one piece body kits that Andrew sells now, but removing the ends from the one piece kit is a lot of work which might easily ruin the kit if not done exceedingly well.  Using individual sides makes life a lot easier I would like to think.


I would prefer the gray resin sides, but might even go with the old brittle brownish material from way back when.


All told, I’m hoping to find two of them, and I’ll be willing to pay Westerfields’ current price of $40 each?


Thanks, everyone!




Steve Busch

Duncan, SC

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