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Andy Cich



Look closer at those kits. There are more differences than just the brakes. The K body has no toe holes in the end, and the AB body has 2 toe holes. These kits can be used to model the Sk-Q thru U classes of cars. Sunshine 56.X series of kits covered these classes.


The -Q and -R classes had vertical brake staffs. The -S, -T, and -U classes had Ajax hand brake.

The -Q, -R, and -S had top operated cut levers. The -T and -U had bottom operated.

The -Q and -R had no toe holes. The -S had a single toe hole. The -T and -U had two toe holes. There were also end grab iron differences.

The -Q and -S were double deck. The -R, -T, and -U were single deck. I think Intermountain gives you the parts to build either.

These cars were built from 1928-1930. Your choice of brakes depends on era modeled.


I think you can model any of the classes with the Intermountain kits. The biggest obstacle might be the Sk-S with the single toe hole. If the single hole location matches one of the two hole version, you can fill in one of the holes.


If you would like, and can give me a couple days, I can scan and send the Sunshine data sheet.


Andy Cich


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Santa Fe Stock Car kits 42998 and 42999


If you have knowledge of InterMountain (IM) Santa Fe stock car kits 42999 or 42998, I would appreciate sharing information.  The former with K brake system and latter AB brake system.  The kits are unusual in the ends attached to floor and you install sides and roof.  On the underbody all brake components are individual as say a Tichy set.  Grab irons, etc. all wire.   And, instruction sheets are printed on 8 1/2 and 11 (photo) rather than the smaller sizes. The excellent kit appears to be very accurate when I compare to Sock Car book (photo) drawings and photos. 


Therefore I am guessing a very early produced kit.   Looking for information regarding when these kits produced?   And, did IM produce many other kits such as this one.


Lester Breuer

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