Re: Alaska Railroad Hart Convertible Ballast Gondola ARR 1443

Robert Bowdidge

I made the 3d-printed SP Hart gondolas.  I don't have any of the "as-built" models left, but still have a few "modernized" cars with the side dump doors removed.  I'm not planning on making additional cars any time soon due to time pressure from the day job.

As others pointed out, the Hart gondolas came in a range of sizes and shapes depending on the era they were made, the railroad who ordered them, and perhaps the car builder who actually built them.  Like other wood cars, they also got a lot of abuse and so likely got rebuilt in interesting and diverse ways.  The SP W-50-3 cars were built in 1911; they were 40' long inside with 3' high side walls and wood side posts.  These match the dimensions of the original Alaska Railroad 1400 series cars built in 1918:

They're definitely not the same as the 1930-built ARR 1443 from Williams's photos which used a lot more steel and had different door arrangements.

If anyone's got a photo of the original ARR cars, I'd be curious how they compare to the SP cars.

Robert Bowdidge


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