Re: Aluminum Box Cars?

Jeffrey White

The IC had one aluminum reefer, to my knowledge there was never an aluminum boxcar.  The reefer is preserved at McComb, MS. 

They also built 5 aluminum 55ton hoppers.  The reefer and hoppers were part of an experiment in 1947.

Jeff White

Alma IL

On 7/20/2022 9:18 AM, Ray Hutchison wrote:

There was an Illinois Central aluminum box car on E-bay last week.  Not so interested in the car, but it did get me to thinking... Great Northern had one (only) aluminum box car.  Ebay had a NP aluminum box car listed a while ago.  Where these only experimental cars (I think that I read that somewhere, probably in relation to the GN car)?  Or a prototype for some railways?  (Southern Pacific had the silver overnight cars, but not certain if they were aluminum or not).

Ray Hutchison

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