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gary laakso

  1. No, it was delivered coated with black car cement see the prior referenced article by Ed Hawkins in RPC 30.

  1. Yes, it was delivered with Murphy flat panel roofs, see the picture of the roof in RPC 30.   That roof is different than CB&Q flat welded roofs pictured in RPC 30. 


Research does not involve “options” when the data has been referenced. 


Gary Laakso

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I always caution servers at a restaurant "When you have older customers don't give them too many options.  You will be here till tomorrow.".    And now "Here I Am!".


After numerous posts on the Amarillo Railroad Museum FW&D covered hoppers can somebody tell me on the AMRM model:


  1)  Is the Rred roof color correct?


  2)  Is the roof in the model correct?


Thanks ( I hope!):


Bill Pardie






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