Re: Just say ‘thanks for your trouble’

Kevin Macomber

Gents, I semi-retired as a field sales engineer this year, I've owned Narrow Gauge Modeling Co. for seven years, member of the Freemasons, and sponsor two train shows.  I note this because, it is not uncommon for me to have 100 emails a day to which I respond to every valid one.  That said, I can tell you one consistent problem . . . people no longer check their email or messaging on FB.  It is not uncommon that I have to prod people 2-3 times to get a response.  If they do, it is clearly from their phone or tablet where the answers are short and/or incomplete.  The second issue is firewalls.  My website sits on a well known hosting company and I am told regularly, my emails are going to their spam folder.  This should not be the case but it happens.  Large files often take that path, particularly if it is a large file, which most scans are.  

To accommodate this, I enter my email in the cc address so a copy goes back to my email inbox.  I wait for a response and then send the same way again asking "did you receive this."  I would guess 80% respond eventually which really helps my business.  That said, I find myself regularly picking up the phone and in fact with the Freemasons, we went back to the phone tree.  Communications are going full circle.



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