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This is one of the big reasons I like this io group: quick and informative responses to a submission.


I want to thank Bruce, Steve, Dennis, Alexander, and Dave for replying to my Grab Iron submittal.


Maybe I’m not picky enough on actual grab iron size but I did find a tool increment whose size appeared to align with HO and later a O-scale size. But a couple of responses noted  it was not quite the correct size.


I also had to insert the wide flat end to put the “U” into and then bend with pliers to get those funny bends for the realistic grab iron shape.


The reason I like having a tool is consistency in size and shape for scratchbuilding a car part. The Micro Mark tool appeared to do that for me.


Dave Parker, the tool that you mentioned in your note didn’t appear on my email. I am interested in seeing it as I might use it going forward.


Thanks to all,




Dave Parker response: I posted this at the end of June, but here it is again. A grab iron bending jig that is (a) functionally free, and (b) infinitely adjustable to any desired width.



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This grab iron thread has been going on for quite a while. But I have never seen a mention of a super grab iron tool at Micro Mark that has made the many grab irons I have had to make for my scratch built HO and O-scale cars: #84745 Grab Iron Bending Gauge


I have attached a picture of it. Enjoy!!




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Someone else pointed out that the standoff bracket is very slightly bent upward so that might account for the crooked grab iron.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


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