Re: WWII oil transport

Chuck Soule

The Northern Pacific ran an aviation gasoline train to Seattle during the war.  The westbound loaded train was called the "G" Manifest, and the return empties were the "R" Manifest.  The train was providing fuel for the Pacific Theater, and the transloading in Seattle took place at Pier 91 - 92 north of the city center.  I forget where the trains originated, but I think it was in Oklahoma.  If so, they were probably routed on the CB&Q to Billings, then to Seattle on the NP.  They were given VERY high priority.

Jim Fredrickson took a photo of the returning "R" Manifest at Easton, WA on April 15, 1944 being pulled by an ABBA set of FT diesels.  The photo can be found on the NPRHA website, but the URL is enormous, and I don't know how to use tinyurl to help you.

The full link is (heh heh)

If that doesn't work for you, go to and click on Equipment, then on Steam Locomotive.  after that brings up a list of resources, click on Jim Fredrickson photos.  Once Jim Fredrickson's page opens up, the fastest way is to type the photo ID into the search box.  The ID is JMF02-13748.0

Chuck Soule

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