Re: WWII oil transport



"Greatly" is relative. The PA state archives has a selection of daily symbol freight summaries for the PRR during WWII that includes counts of oil trains and how many oil cars passed through Pittsburgh for points east:

5/1/43 - 884 cars in 13 trains

Article says pipeline completed to the east coast October 1943.

11/30/43 - 326 cars in 5 trains

5/6/45 - 215 cars in 3 trains

What I don't know is whether demand had grown so much that it exceeded pipeline capacity, or if some east coast refineries were not reachable using the "little-inch" pipeline.

I am in Lewistown, PA today along that same PRR mainline, and sadly several oil trains have passed today.... With a tonnage that probably exceeds the 11/30/43 total...

Dave Evans

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