Re: WWII oil transport

Gerry Fitzgerald

Hi All,

I have used “A History of the Petroleum Administration for War, 1941-1945” (published by the U.S. Petroleum Administration for War, Washington, 1946) in classes, seminars, and in clinics and it is very interesting. The charts and graphs alone make it a useful historical document. Some of the later charts also show the "movement" of petroleum, gasoline and aviation fuel sources from the East coast to the West as the nation shifts from the war in Europe, as it winds down, to the preparation for the invasion of the Japanese home islands in November of 1945. I picked a hardcover copy up years ago in a used bookstore for 2 dollars

To expand on Ken Montero's insightful comments on rubber production, see Gregg Mitman's wonderful new book Empire of Rubber: Firestone’s Scramble for Land and Power in Liberia. which came out in 2019.

Also keep the comments coming as I ma learning a great deal and changing future talks and classroom lectures.



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