Re: Custom Yellow Decal?



I did preface my statement with "From what I've seen,...".  I am not intimately acquainted with the decal production business.

I've seen the problem of yellow-over-white I describe in Microscale SP&S passenger car striping (87-1492), where they made the white stripe narrower than the yellow one.

And I just recently received a set of Circus City decals (UP 87-11) where the layers of the yellow striping were out of register.  And on their set 87-01, they printed the red slightly off of the white, leaving a very faint white edge on one side.  I have the impression these are laser printed.

If you're saying that Highball can get the two layers in perfect register, and do it every time, then I will have to check them out.

My experience is mostly with silk screen decals, rather than laser printed.  The Highball laser ones sound promising.


Edward Sutorik 

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