Re: End Door Boxcar & Fire Engine


I disagree, I think that is being unloaded at it's destination. I feel there are to many watching for it being loaded, If they we loading it I'm sure there would be just enough people to get the job done. Plus it looks like a number of the spectators are firemen, you can one is wearing his fire boots.
Here are 2 sites with this picture. One says it is a JO/JOX American LaFrance ladder truck 40' 3"(?). The other one is Youngstown Ohio Fire Dept. which also has another picture of it.

 Richard Webster

On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 03:29 PM, Todd Sullivan wrote:
The location of this photo is very likely Elmira, NY, which was home to both American LaFrance and Ward LaFrance, both makers of fire trucks.  The American LaFrance plant was large and sat opposite the junction of the PRR's Elmira Branch and the Erie's main line, at the north end of the PRR's Southport Yard complex.  There was a spur with a loading ramp off the PRR in an adjacent neighborhood for loading fire engines from American LaFrance into PRR boxcars, including the X30. 
Todd Sullivan

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