RPM Collinsville

Charlie Duckworth

I to managed to pick a couple kits from the F&C booth and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the one piece bodies, bought Chad Boaz’s M-58 parts set for a 50’ B&O kit bash and Fenton showed me his wonderful built of the car.  I’d swore off buying any 50’ cars but it looks like a fun built and K4 makes the decal set. I had to visit Pierre a couple times to stock up on his detail parts.   I hadn’t  been to RPM in four years so it was good to catch up with old friends (Clark) and meet face to face with those I’d only contacted through the .io group (Bill Pardee and Fenton Wells).  The room was larger and the display tables were more spread out and I believe more tables were available. One attendee thought there was 900+ models on display.   Bill Stauss, who I worked with on the Mopac in 1977-78, found me at the MPHS table. I hadn’t see him since he’d quit and went to work for a shortline and Amtrak.  Am sure he was thinking ‘Charlie’s certainly changed the last 45 years!’  Bill written several Morning Sun books on CNW and Milwaukee passenger trains.   Steve Hile was taking photos so I assume we’ll see some images in the next week or so of the models.   
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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