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>>>>> Recently there have been numerous posts from people selling their excess Sunshine kits.  One of these offered a Sunshine kit for a Pacific Fruit Express R-40-16 car.  I would be a buyer if this car has not sold. <<<<<


Search the message archives on line, using the tools available to search message headers and/or message bodies. 


Once you find the message with the kit in question, go to that message and “Reply” or “Reply to Sender”.  Depending on how the group is configured, Either “Reply” or “Reply to Group”  will show up – don’t use the “Reply to Group” option.


If you are receiving group messages in your e-mail, there are multiple links provided in the footer at the bottom of the e-mail message.  One of these is “Reply to Sender”.  Selecting that link will allow you to send an e-mail directly to the sender of the message.




"R-40-16" "For Sale”

"PFE" "R-40-16"


Each turns up various results.  Search tools depend on what you enter as search terms.  Depending on the search engine used, a wide variety of options are available, including the use of “And” “Or”, and “And/Or” searches.  Try things out and see what you get – don’t forget to check the help pages for how to’s on how to format search terms.


My searches here on RealSTEAMFC didn’t turn up much – however, there have been quite a few “For Sale” posts for resin kits on HO SWAP SHOP recently – perhaps conduct you searches there . .


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