Re: Munshaw Canada slide Canadian Pacific CPR dock yard scene

Alex Schneider

Could someone explain why the bottom 2/3 of the stock cars was gray and the top 1/3 red? If this was lime or something similar used as a disinfectant, should we be doing something similar on stock cars of other roads?

Hey, I'm a city guy. :)

Alex Schneider

On Sun, Jul 31, 2022 at 11:48 AM, Steven D Johnson
<tenncentralrwy@...> wrote:

Lots of Canadian Pacific boxcars and a few stock cars:


Other slides with freight car views from this seller:



Looks to be from the early 1960s or so, but still a lot of steam era freight cars:



I have no connection with the seller.   Just happened upon these and wanted to share.



Steve Johnson



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