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A few spots that come to mind: there's an ore jenny and a flat lettered for B&LE at the Greenville, PA railroad museum park (plus a couple of cabs and a unique URR 0-10-2). There also may still be a couple of detrucked 40' boxcars alongside the B&LE main in town.

There's a restored PC, ex NYC, box in Shippensburg now supporting the local rail trail.

I haven't been there for a few years but Weirton, WV was always worth the visit if you like old, beat up steel mill gons some of which can be seen on the Main Street bridge over the mill trackage. Some 20 years ago or so I came across a PS-0 box in Steubenville on the Ohio side of the river but I suspect that's long gone.


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That’s Harlansburg. 2 Hwt PRR Pullmans and 2 Lwt PRR coaches based on what I see on Google Earth.



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Harlinburg Pa has a small collection of PRR passenger cars, it used to also be a museum as well. It is at Pa RT19& PA RT108. PA RT108 exits right off I 79

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> Thank you guys a lot! Very handy information!
> -Bob
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>> Hi Bob!
>> Titusville (Oil Creek & Titusville) has a three-compartment Standard Tank Car Shell Tanker we have mentioned in the past.  Lake Shore Railway at North East (just east of Erie on US 20) has an AC&F built X-3 as well as a number of freight and passenger cars.  Not to mention quite a collection of GE locos and a nifty fireless Heisler.  Lots of freight trains on the old NYC and NKP main lines right at the station museum.
>> Regards from Grove City (right along your route) in Penna----Mike Schleigh
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>> Hello all,
>> I will be in Pittsburgh and Northwestern PA and the most eastern point of OH this weekend and am curious if there are any accessible preserved/stored/derelict transition era cars of any type known to be in the region along (and not far from) the I-79 corridor north of Pittsburgh? Or in the vicinity of Pittsburgh? Even as far East as Erie?
>> Will also be watching trains in Pitts as well. 
>> Thanks a lot! 
>> -Bob

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