Re: Bobber 2 Axle caboose late usage

Charlie Vlk

Note the reference in the Wisconsin law to end doors and cupolas which was aimed at “widow maker” side door converted box cars.   
The CB&Q had WWl and WW2 versions of these, both Class NE-5, and used them in yard and transfer service.  
The Illinois Railroad Commission granted authorization for temporary use of marginally refitted boxcars as cabooses but I’ve not seen the NE-5s mentioned, but then again it was not a research item when I ran across the reference looking for something else.
The NP reference to CB&Q bobbers is interesting, I imagine the similarities were in the under frame springing which was well-engineered.  There was some cooperation between the mechanical departments of the Hill roads….
Charlie Vlk 

On Jul 30, 2022, at 11:29 AM, Robert G P <bobgp5109@...> wrote:

Wonder about accounts of late (late 40's to mid 50's) usage of the shor 4 wheel bobber cabooses? 

I dont expect road service to be in the min (local maybe) but know they still were used as yard pilots/platforms in some instances in the late 40's. 

We have a very detailed one on our club layout which generates smiles/frowns equally! Ive personally recommended tossing it out the door into the gravel but a member has had it since the '60s! -So with my vote it stays...

We use it to switch in the yard just for fun. 


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