Re: A few reefers unloading produce in Chicago

Ted Larson

1940s Mack is another close match to the 10 wheeler near the back right.  

Ted Larson

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The two trucks on the right have very interesting body style, one that I have never seen before, the very low sides.  

It is easy to imagine that the bottom line of lettering on the nearest truck says
Staten Island 
followed by some digits, so perhaps a phone number.  

Truck ID starting at bottom right and going CW: best guesses per images in "American Truck Spotters Guide"
Dodge   48 - 53
foreground truck can't see cab
Diamond T late 30's (best guess) or late 30's Federal, or late 30's Stewart
Chevrolet 41 - 47, the cutaway front fenders indicates 42 - 45 military truck per "75 Years of Chevrolet"
Studebaker 40's 
Chevrolet canopy delivery van 48 - 55 
??  Very distinctive fender and cab, I don't see a confident match......... perhaps late 30's REO, 40's Federal,  
car 51 Olds

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