Re: Pulpwood, Wood Chips: Uses other than Paper?

Scott H. Haycock

Jeff Helm wrote:


What about only modeling the woodchip loader on your layout?  These often were away from the main lumber mill buildings with a pneumatic conveying pipe to the loader.  The mill could be “off stage” with just the pipe coming through the trees, as I have seen in The NW, at least.  It is possible that a large furniture maker might also have a woodchip loader for waste sawdust.

Hi Jeff,

I've thought about a chip loader, but it seems to me that a sawmill would need more rail service than just a chip loader. For instance lumber loading.

I would also think that a furniture factory large enough to generate carloads of waste would also need more service.

But that may be the way to go...

A spur with a loading dock for a couple of double door furniture box cars with a loader at the end! I don't have room for the factory itself.

Incidentally, if it matters, I model central North Carolina in 1959.

I appreciate the input!
Scott Haycock

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