Re: Pulpwood, Wood Chips: Uses other than Paper?

Bill Parks

On Wed, Aug 3, 2022 at 05:53 PM, Scott H. Haycock wrote:
A spur with a loading dock for a couple of double door furniture box cars with a loader at the end! I don't have room for the factory itself.
Incidentally, if it matters, I model central North Carolina in 1959.
Building flats are great for this.  Also, there are several companies that make scenic backgrounds that include industries.  You might even be able to combine the two. 

A furniture factory is perfect for your location and era.

You could even simulate a paper mill by modeling just a small yard to serve the mill.  You can even put this at the front of the layout (assuming space) and give the impression that the mill is 'in the aisle".  If that doesn't work, then scenic backgrounds and/or flats could help create the illusion of the mill

Bill Parks
Cumming, GA
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