Re: Pulpwood, Wood Chips: Uses other than Paper?

Drew Bunn

On Wed, Aug 3, 2022 at 5:53 PM Scott H. Haycock <shhaycock@...> wrote:
I've thought about a chip loader, but it seems to me that a sawmill would need more rail service than just a chip loader. For instance lumber loading.

I would also think that a furniture factory large enough to generate carloads of waste would also need more service.

But that may be the way to go...

A spur with a loading dock for a couple of double door furniture box cars with a loader at the end! I don't have room for the factory itself.
One of the industries on my future layout is Knight Flooring.
Manufacturer of hardwood flooring for over 100 years, they had two
seperate spurs that could be modelled with building flats using DPM or
Walthers kits.

Pulpwood loads could be delivered to a team track for use by the local
smokehouse for curing any number of foods..
Drew Bunn


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