Re: Pulpwood, Wood Chips: Uses other than Paper?

Tim O'Connor


In Wyoming I observed a loading track for woodchips at a sawmill. There was an overhead
bin, and the car was tied off between two winches on the ground, and they moved it slowly back
and forth under the bin. The bin was fed by an overhead pipe on lightweight 'trestle' legs that
went back to the sawmill, which was hundreds of feet away ! Saratoga comes to mind as the
name of the place, in southern Wyoming west of Laramie. It required no supervision once it
was set up -- It probably took a few hours to load each car, and they'd come out and reset
it with another empty.

Diamond Scale, I believe, made a kit for such an overhead bin. :-)

That would work for pulpwood racks, but what about woodchip hoppers? I've got a photo of a beautiful(?) three bay hopper with wood extensions I'm dying to build, but these cars were loaded at sawmills- another industry too big for my railroad.

Scott Haycock

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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