Re: Pulpwood, Wood Chips: Uses other than Paper?

Tim O'Connor

Until the late 1950's "wood chips" were called "hog fuel" and would be burned as fuel in furnaces
although many sawmills simply burned them outright ! ( Those giant cone shaped burners. ) The
Southern Pacific had a sizable fleet of "hog fuel" cars rebuilt from de-roofed box cars. Hog fuel
wasn't necessarily chips, either -- it could be chunks of discarded wood and shredded bark.

Tim O'Connor

On 8/3/2022 3:48 PM, Scott H. Haycock wrote:


The recent photos of pulpwood unloading has spurred a question. In the 1950s, were there any other uses for pulpwood and wood chips aside from paper manufacturing? I have some freight car projects for these type of cars, but no longer model a main line with through trains. I don't have room for a paper mill, so I'm looking for another, smaller industry that may have used these cars s a destination.

Scott Haycock

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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