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On Thu, 7 Jun 2001 09:24:18 -0700 "Dave & Libby Nelson"
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Which raises another question: why is some people (myself included)
find the
friction of using the postal service (e.g., writing the letter,
licking the
stamp, etc.) sufficently off-putting as to have prevented placing an
directly with either Al or Martin? Strange as it sounds, I think
this is
what is at the heart of those requests of Martin to get a web page
that both Al & Martin take orders directly thru the web.
Having ordered from both parties, I can provide a very slanted answer to
that, at least in the case of ordering from Martin Loftin. Because you
have to wait a minimum of three months to get your models. I can handle
a month, even a month and a half, but I feel that three months is just
too long a wait for any mail order, in spite of what the law says.

That hasn't stopped me from acquiring Sunshine Model kits, however.
Martin goes to enough shows that usually somebody I know can get me
almost anything I may want.

OTOH, except when he's away at a meeting, Al rarely takes more than 7-10
days to get an order back to me.

But I don't understand why anyone here should be imposing their desires
on the way someone like Martin does business. I frankly don't blame him
for wanting to stay off the web. I sometimes regret just getting on an
email list like this one when there's 30-40 messages to read each day and
I've got a set of X-23 patterns crying out to me to finish them. The
whole internet experience can be very intimidating for someone who's
never used it on a regular basis and has to start with a copy of
"Internet for Idiots!" I'd have no interest in doing it, but if someone
like Al enjoys playing with computers, and he certainly does, more power
to him. Also more megahertz and gigabytes, too. But who the heck are we
to demand that Martin Loftin get an internet site so that we won't be
inconvenienced by needing to pick up a phone and actually place a call to
a real live person.



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